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Grapevine House and the village of Sirince, Sirince Terrace Houses, Boutique holiday cottages,Sirince, Izmir Province, near Ephesus, Turkey



Sirince is a small village of 600 inhabitants. By day it is a busy summer tourist destination. Come the evening however, all you will hear is the quiet ringing of sheeps bells, murmurs of overheard conversations and the evocative sound of the call to prayer.


There are many things to do in Sirince, from a quiet early morning stroll through the olive groves to a lively meal at one of the many restaurants and cafes. Shoppers will be delighted by the array of small stalls selling local linens, crafts and organic products.


In this small farming community, most of the villagers are still involved in some form of agriculture. As the peaches and olives ripen on the trees, the villagers harvest their crops and produce many of the products which you will find for sale: golden olive oil, dark pomegranate vinegar and sweet fruit wines. Herbs are gathered ready for drying and selling further afield.


There are many places to enjoy a meal: our favourites include Uzum, where the wonderful coffee and cakes always hit the spot, Unal Pide for a slice of Turkish pizza and Ocak Basi, a familly run restaurant with a choice of delicious local dishes. If you're after a bit of live music to liven up your Saturday evening, you can head to the Archipel Restaurant at the bottom of the village.


If you fancy a bit of an adventure, take in the sites from the back of an open air tractor trailor. The tour takes about 2 hours, and you will stop to sample the fruit and grapes fresh from the trees and enjoy the beautiful views down to the Ephesian plain and the sea beyond. There is also the opportunity to take in the sites on horseback. One of the villagers has 4 very obliging horses, and he will act as your guide as he takes you up into the hills to watch the sunset.


Sirince Terrace Houses also has its very own olive grove, from which we produce all the olive oil that you will find in our cooking and in the houses. We are very happy to take guests up for a wander.

The Old Church, Sirince, Izmir Province, near Ephesus, Turkey
Cobbled streets and market stalls in Sirince, Izmir Province, near Ephesus, Turkey



  • Visit the market - street stalls sell local herbs and spices, olive oil, cotton bedlinen, local wines and much more. The reasonably priced leather bag shop is also worth a visit.

  • Take a tractor ride - wonderful views down to the sea

  • Ride horses through the olive groves and watch the sunset

  • Join us on a visit to our olive grove

  • Wander down the cobbled streets and be amazed by the number of goats, chickens and donkeys still living in the downstairs rooms of many of the houses

  • Swim in a marble swimming pool - the water comes from the local springs and is cristal clear



And finaly, if the heat gets too much for you, there is a wonderful marble swimming pool just a short drive (or a longer walk) from Sirince. Set in a beautiful pine forest, the water comes from one of the many local springs and is clear and clean. The owners are very friendly, and for the price of a drink at the adjoining cafe you will be able to swim to your hearts content. 


There are few cars in Sirince, so it is generally a safe environment for children. The number of tractors usually delights our younger guests and you can usually hear them coming!

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